Balance Your Hormones By Eliminating & Eating the Right Things

Many times our bodies are trying to tell us something, but we dismiss the signs because we just don’t know what they mean. If you are tired, have acne or weight gain especially among the middle, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, chances are you might have a hormone imbalance.


One of the biggest signs of hormone imbalance in women is not getting your period. When you visit your doctor, they will recommend that you get on birth control pills, which contain man-made estrogen and progestin hormones. This will make you regular, but it also comes with various side effects that you don’t want. At some point in your life, your hormones will be imbalanced and that’s o.k. If you don’t want to take any pills, there is a natural way of balancing your hormones.

Eat Good Fats

Most people are encouraged to eat Omega 3-Fatty Acids because they’re good for the heart, but in addition, eating these polyunsaturated fats is one of the easiest ways to balance your hormones. Adding more fish to your diet and healthy fats like chia seeds, flax seed, walnuts can also help. Stay away from vegetable oil, canola, and instead use coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados because it’s the best way to boost your hormones.