STOP Throwing Out Avocado Seeds

Who doesn’t love guacamole?  Avocados are loaded with heart-healthy fatty acids and many vitamins including Vitamin C, B6 and Vitamin E. For many years we’ve focused on the nutritious and yummy benefits of eating creamy avocados and we throw away the big seed in the middle. But, did you know that the avocado seed has 70% of the antioxidants found in the whole avocado?


Avocado seed

Avocado seed

Why Eat the Seed?

Has more fiber than oatmeal
Prevents cardiovascular disease
Lowers cholesterol
Boost your immune system
Slows the aging process
Helps your GI tract and control diarrhea
Anti-inflammatory properties
Prevents dandruff and keep hair shiny
Regulates glucose levels in the body
Antibiotic and anti-fungal



Avocado isolated on a white background

Are you convinced now? So how do you get these beneficial properties? Since the avocado will be moist from the creamy part of the avocado, you may want to save the seed and let it dry. Save a couple and set them aside by a window sill so the sun could dry them out, it will usually take a couple of days. Once it’s dry you can place the avocado seed in a plastic bag and smash it to make it easier to blend in your food processor or blender. The end result should be a fine powder.

The avocado seed powder can be a little bitter, but you can add it into drinks like milkshakes or fruit smoothies. You can also shred the seeds, roast them, or toast them. Enjoy!

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