Vegetarian Recipes That Won’t Make You Miss Meat

Many people don’t eat meat during Lent season, but my family has made it a habit of going meatless at least once a week. Typically on Friday’s we go vegetarian and it’s something that we look forward to because there are so many vegetarian and seafood dishes that you can make and that won’t let you miss meat!

Meatless Meatballs

Is it even possible to enjoy meatless meatballs? It is with this recipe that uses mushrooms instead of ground meat, and the texture is so close to actual meatballs!

meatballs, vegetarian

Chiles En Nogada

chiles en nogada

This is a delicious Mexican recipe for stuffed peppers that is traditionally made with meat, but this recipe is completely vegetarian with farro and walnut, and just as delicious.

Black Bean Burger

This will probably be the easiest black bean burger you will ever make and quite tasty too. It’s the perfect vegetarian recipe for the warm weather, and you can add all the toppings of your choice.