Guillermo Del Toro Pays Off Biopsy Bill of Fan

Cassandra, Monica’s friend with cancer discovered a lump on her neck a few months back. Due to her history of cancer, she knew she had to get a biopsy which cost about $900. She had only raised a couple hundred dollars and by the time it reached Del Toro, who paid the remaining $665, she was covered.guillermo del toro

“Here’s how I spent my day: Trying not to cry at work knowing that I had to reschedule the biopsy due to lack of funds,” Cassandra wrote in an update. “… Encouraged by friends, family, and strangers’ enormously generous $180 of donations in a day. Shocked and amazed when around 8:30 tonight a huge donation came in that met my goal, plus a little more, rounding out this campaign to $1,000. I was shocked breathless. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still not quite sure I do, but the number is there for all to see.”

What an amazing Christmas present, now Cassandra has one less thing to worry about and her time will be focused on not having to worry about how she will pay for the biopsy and enjoying the holidays.