Tips To Avoid Overeating This Easter

Easter Sunday is right around the corner and for many Hispanic Catholics, it’s a big food weekend, which normally starts on Good Friday. In the U.S. it’s not a big holiday weekend, but the tradition continues on. In Mexico for example, students and employers get a whole week off where most of their time is spent with their families and eating.

Those of us lucky enough to carry on the traditions of Holy Week know that with it come lots of great dishes that only come once a year. These seasonal dishes can include capirotada, ground shrimp patties with cactus, ceviche, and many more meatless options, until Easter of course. This is why it’s important to not fall off the wagon, especially if you’re the one in charge of cooking for your family.

Like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you know what to expect when you get together with the family, a big meal. When you’re preparing your dinner, think about the low-fat options that you can use to cut down the calories of your dishes. After all the well-being and healthy eating habits should be a family affair.

Research some low-fat options for your favorite holiday food indulgencies. Look up how many calories your dish has and the nutritional value of each dish. Add more vegetables to your dishes. Don’t deprive yourself of your special dishes or from eating. When you do that it makes you crave it more and you end up overeating.

Allow yourself some trade-offs, you know what’s coming so prepare ahead of time. Moderately increase your time at the gym a few days early. Trim your calorie intake by 100 calories so you could indulge on Easter.