Danny Trejo Proves You’re Never Too Old To Follow Your Dreams

Tough-guy actor Danny Trejo, can add restaurateur to his long list of achievements. During the last couple of years, he’s been pretty busy, opening multiple restaurants, including Trejo’s Tacos, Trejo’s Cantina, Trejo’s taco truck, and now Trejo’s Coffee and donuts. The Machete actor’s love for food started at home and it’s a homage to his Latino roots.danny trejo donuts

He started with vegan tacos and now he’s ventured out to donuts, which include a variety of Mexican flavors with fun names, such as “Abuelita,” “O.G.,” “Margarita,” “Café Con Leche,” “Low Rider,” and “Coco Loco.”

“Me and my mom would joke about having a restaurant,” says Trejo. “She was the kind of cook, who by the end of the month after we’d run out of almost everything, she’d grab boxes of things and mix them all together and it was amazing.”