Marc Anthony Used To Stutter Before Becoming a Salsa Superstar

Marc Anthony is one of the biggest Latin recording artists in the world, but as a child he used to stutter and it was only when he sang that his stutter would go away. He’s had great success as one of the best salsa singers of all time and he’s been married to some of the most beautiful women in the world, mostly models and JLO, but he knows that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. At an early age, his father told him, “Son, we’re ugly. Work on your personality.” The 48 year-old salsa superstar didn’t take that advice lightly and it’s not only his personality, but hard work, that has helped him overcome his imperfections and become one of the most beloved artists.

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Anthony says that he was awkward as a kid. “What happened was I’d stutter. And I really couldn’t put a sentence together. But when I sang, I didn’t stutter. [So] that was my preferred way of communicating,” says Marc Anthony to CBS News.

As a teen he sang in commercials and even did backup singing for Menudo! “Before I had my first single I had worked on over 300 records,” he says. “I had all the experience in the world.” His career took off in 1993, and since then he’s sold more than 12 million records in both English and Spanish worldwide.