Pomegranate, Not Only Delicious, but Also Good for the Heart

It’s pomegranate season! Make sure you take advantage of this delicious fruit that is so good for you. Research shows that pomegranate is found to prevent coronary artery disease progression. It is not only delicious but also great for the heart, full of antioxidants and even fights arthritis.

Pomegranates are grown in Mexico and I remember going to my grandparent’s ranch and cutting a pomegranate from a tree.

My grandfather would open it by digging his nails into it and slicing it in half with his bare hands. We would then pick out seed by seed and enjoy this sweet fruit, which was nowhere to be found back at home in the U.S.

ThinkstockPhotos-84523095It wasn’t until most recently that the pomegranate has become a trendy fruit that is being incorporated into many dishes, mostly as the garnish because of the vibrant red color.

Their popularity has risen and there are even videos on YouTube showing the best ways to open and eat a pomegranate because if you get it on your clothes, it does stain and it’s very hard to get rid of.