Remove Makeup Fast and Nourish Your Skin With Cleansing Oils

Any dermatologist will tell you that sleeping with makeup on is the absolute worst thing to do for your skin. We’ve all been there, we go out, it’s late and the last thing you want to worry about is washing your face. If you sleep with your makeup on once in a while, it won’t do any permanent damage, but it’s a nasty habit you need to stop. Using cleansing oils to remove makeup before you go to sleep is the best thing you could do because it’s fast and it nourishes your skin.ThinkstockPhotos-79085211

When you sleep, this is the time your body uses to recover, including your skin. When you have foundation on while you sleep, this prevents your skin from renewing. This can result in wrinkles and clogged pores, which hold bacteria and cause acne. Mascara can irritate your eyes and lipstick cannot only cause a mess on your sheets but also causes dry chapped lips.

Cleansing oils

There are a variety of products out there, but when you’re tired and want to get right to bed, you want a go-to product that can get you to bed in no time…say 30 seconds? Cleansing oils are a great addition to your beauty regimen. These oils quickly dissolve dirt, grime, and makeup without drying out your skin like other products. What’s best for your skin?

Argan Oil

This oil has high levels of vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants, all which are needed for great skin. You can use Argan oil to cleanse your skin and it works great for those that have dry skin.

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