75% of People With Hepatitis Don’t Even Know They’re Infected

Many people don’t know much about hepatitis, but approximately 5 million Americans have chronic Hepatitis B or C and about 75% of them don’t even know they’re infected. The word “hepatitis” means inflammation of the liver. There are toxins, drugs, alcohol, bacterial and viral infections that can cause hepatitis.  It’s a disease that affects millions and unless you get tested, you’ll never know if you’re living with it.

How Do You Get It?

There are several types of hepatitis, but the more common types of viral hepatitis in the U.S. are A, B, and C. Hepatitis A could be transmitted through fecal contaminated food or water and anal/oral contact. Hepatitis B and C could be contracted through infected blood or bodily fluids. Hepatitis B is often sexually transmitted and is found in the blood, semen and vaginal fluids.