Chewing Sugar-Free Gum After A Snack Can Help Keep Your Teeth Healthy

How many times a day do you have a snack? Americans are snacking more frequently and drinking more sugary drinks throughout the day than ever and this is affecting your dental health. The leftover food that sits on your teeth is impacting plaque pH levels and can lead to a higher risk of developing cavities, which is why dental health experts recommend that you chew sugar-free gum which can help prevent tooth decay.

“Brushing might not always be an option after every meal, so chewing sugar-free gum serves as another positive way to increase the production of saliva flow, which can help flush out food debris after each meal, prevent tooth decay, and remineralize damaged enamel,” explains Dentist Sheri Doniger. There is a wide range of foods and drinks that are high in acid that should be consumed in moderation, foods like citric fruits and juices, dried fruits, sticky foods and candy, caffeinated and sugary beverages, and in general anything with tons of sugar is not good for your teeth.

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Benefits of chewing Sugar-free gum

Reduces the quantity and development of plaque
Relieves the symptoms of dry mouth
Neutralizes Plaque Acids
Remineralizes Tooth Enamel
May help reduce the incidence of caries