Is Fizzy Water Ruining Your Teeth?

Fizzy water is a staple in many countries. In London, for example, if you ask for a glass of water at a restaurant, they’ll bring you seltzer water unless you ask for still water. In Mexico, you have seltzer water in a variety of flavors such as cucumber with salt and lemon, which you won’t find here, but is quite tasty actually. In the U.S., more and more people are switching to flavored sparkling water and ditching the soda, but is it the healthier alternative?teeth of a woman

Americans spent $2.3 billion last year in seltzer water because it’s refreshing and satisfying without adding inches to their waistline. There are people that drink up to 12 glasses of seltzer of water a day and it’s been making headlines recently some believe that seltzer water leads to damage in your teeth, bloating, and heartburn. The truth is that carbonated water is harmless. In some cases, it does cause heartburn and the bubbles can lead to bloating, but it’s not doing any damage to your teeth or making you gain weight like traditional sodas do.