Juan Manuel Marquez Drinks His Own Urine, Would You?

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It’s no secret that Latinos like home remedies, but would you drink your own urine to improve your health? People have been using urine therapy for many years. Many people swear by it and even celebrities like boxer, Juan Manuel Marquez ends his daily workout by peeing in a cup and drinking it. Urine therapy consists of using your urine by drinking it, bathing in it, injecting it, or even massaging parts of your body with it. Marquez uses its properties as a multivitamin instead of taking any drugs.

 maxresdefaultJuan Manuel Marquez with Manny Pacquiao

What’s In Your Urine?

As you might have guessed, 95% of your urine is water, 2.5% is urea, and 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones, and enzymes. Urine contains the leftover vitamins and nutrients your body wasn’t able to absorb. By drinking it for example., you are able to save those wasted vitamins and nutrients and are able to give your body a second chance to absorb them.


Health Benefits

Antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial
Used for arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, herpes
Relieve dry skin, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and eczema
Cleanses blood and boosts your immune system
Improves heart health and prevents heart attacks

Many people believe in urine therapy, but there are many skeptics that say it’s not such a great idea because you’re putting back things that your body disposed. This form of homeopathy is truly subjective and even though it’s been practiced and studied for many years. There are many things that you have to take into consideration before starting to put your urine back inside your body.

Diet is very important because if your urine is very yellow it might mean that you’re not eating right or that you’re dehydrated. Your urine contains salts that can actually dehydrate you further. If you have any of the above symptoms, make sure you visit your doctor or a homeopathic center that can guide you and lead you in the right direction.

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