Powdered Alcohol Approved To Be Sold In The U.S

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Palcohol is powdered liquor or molecularly encapsulated ethanol. This week the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the product and you might be seeing it in the shelves this fall. Most critics argue that this is a dangerous thing and if used carelessly you can get drunk very fast. Palcohol comes in one once packages and in different flavors, you simply add water and can have a Cosmopolitan or a Lemon Drop.


Already states like Missouri are proposing bills to ban the purchase of this form of alcohol in the state. One of the biggest fears is that it will land in the hands of children, teens, and addicts. They are afraid of the health problems that can occur from abusing the product. If people begin snorting the product or mix it with other drugs it can be very dangerous.