Donating Blood Has It's Benefits

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Many of us are hesitant to donating blood and there’s always a shortage of Latino donors. Why? Perhaps it’s the lack of education or the fear of needles. Donating blood is very safe and it has several long-term benefits. Just imagine if the blood you donate could help another person live a healthier life or just live.

Many people believe that people that get into accidents are the only ones that need a blood transfusion, but that’s not true. Diseases like liver disease can stop your body from properly making blood, so a transfusion is needed. The same thing goes for people that have anemia, kidney disease, or cancer. Others are born with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, so they need constant transfusions. There are many that are skeptical about donating, but even if you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you can still donate.

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Benefits of Donating Blood

First of all, you get a FREE mini check-up. There are some restrictions to donating blood. For example if you have anemia or low iron levels you won’t be able to donate. Before you are seated in the big chair where the transfusion occurs, you are pre-tested, they check your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and hemoglobin levels. After your blood is collected it’s sent to lab where they test it for HIV, West Nile virus and other infectious diseases. If they find anything abnormal, they’ll contact you immediately.


Your iron levels stay balanced. Healthy adults have about 5 grams of iron in their bodies. When you donate blood you lose a quarter of a gram of iron, but you replace it in a couple of weeks. Having too much iron could be bad news for your blood vessels.

If you’re a do-gooder, then consider donating blood. A single donation can save the lives of up to three people.  Plus you get to find out what type of blood you have, which always comes in handy, in case of emergency. There are blood banks all over the city and organizations like the Red Cross that can help you make it happen.