Google Deodorant and Other Tricks

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Technology is wonderful, everyone loves it, but when it comes to your health, when is technology too much? In an episode of Shark Tank there was a man that came in front of the panel of judges selling them on the idea of a Bluetooth implant. You would actually get surgery to get a Bluetooth device implanted by your ear! Now Google is working on an odor-removing device—no more deodorant!


Google Technology Holdings was recently awarded a patent for an odor removal device that incudes an activity sensor to help predict when you’ll be stinky. When it predicts you’ll get a body odor, it emits an automatic fragrance to fight it. As a bonus it will track your friends on social media so you could avoid them if you smell bad. But, don’t go rushing to buy it—they’re still trying to develop this thing. In the meantime, check out these other things your deodorant could do for you.


Protects your feet from blisters when wearing a new pair of shoes. Just apply deodorant to the back of your feet, around your ankles where you know you’ll get blisters from uncomfortable shoes. Since deodorant has a creamy moisturizing substance, it protects your skin from friction, which is how you get those ugly blisters.
No more sweaty feet! If you hate the squishy sounds your feet make when you’re wearing your favorite leather flats, then put some deodorant on your feet before going to bed to make sure they’re dry before you wear your shoes. Having sweaty feet is embarrassing; this will keep your feet dry and smelling powdery fresh.
Remove nail polish in a couple seconds. For this, you’ll need some spray deodorant. Apply a spritz of it on a cotton ball and start rubbing the nail polish. In a matter of seconds, your nail polish will come off.

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