Use Instagram As Your Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Social media has become part of our daily life. Some people check their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts even before they get out of bed! This is a quick way to keep on all the new trends gossips and news, but why not use it as a tool to lose weight and keep in shape?

Believe it or not, Instagram can be just as useful as a personal trainer and way cheaper. So instead of spending hours in your bed checking the latest gossip, check accounts for better health (including ours). Here are some of the best accounts to follow:

Personal trainers (for free!). There are thousands of trainers you can find out there but we just choose some of the most popular on Instagram right now.

@kaylaitsines. She’s known worldwide for her Instagram and her app for weight loss, you can also get her eBooks or simply follow her account. She posts daily with videos and her lovely dogs.

It burns 😊🔥🔥 Arm workout!! Try 3 rounds of 10 reps per exercise!! 😘😘

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@anjagarcia. If you are looking for some hard and deep training, she is just what you need. She is a professional athlete who for sure will take you to your limit. You can follow her on Instagram or look for her videos.

Sometimes you just got flip it all upside down to make everything right. 🙃 Hope y’all had a beautiful Tuesday!#onceagymnastalwaysagymnast #reset #handstand #gymnastics

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