The Best Types of Squash of the Season To Use For Cooking

Delicata Squashdelicata winter squash
Delicata squash is another common type that is used in many recipes around the country. It weighs under a pound and its color is bright and cheerful. Delicata squash has a very thin peel and it can be eaten too. Make sure that when you buy delicata squash, you look carefully and check for cuts, soft spots or any bruises. Delicata is nutty and sweet and its flavor is similar to that of corn. You can roast delicata squash with butter in the oven for a sweet taste.
Hubbard SquashHubbard squash
Hubbard resembles a pear and you will notice a dark green color or pale grayish blue on its peel. Many times you will find it in packages at the grocery store pre-cut because it’s so big, but it’s very delicious and tastes just like a pumpkin. Thanks to its extra-thick skin and storing technique, hubbard squash may last up to five months. The ideal environment to store this type of squash is dry and cool.  Roasting it with black pepper or rosemary is the best way to cook this squash. You can also make a mash with nutmeg or cumin.

As you can see there is a lot of variety when it comes to squash or pumpkin. There are many traditional pumpkins that are used for baking such as the pie pumpkin. So next time you visit a pumpkin patch, farmer’s market, or even grocery store, you’ll feel more compelled to try on these. Plus it’s always good to try a variety to see what flavors you like best, but when in doubt ask someone that works there, people are always willing to point you in the right direction and even offer recipes.

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