Pilates Moves That Help Shed Major Pounds

Pilates is yoga’s big brother and many people stay away from doing pilates because holding a posture for a long time can be difficult. But, it’s also a great way to build muscle and shed lots of pounds. Chances are, that if you like practicing yoga, you might already have some of the stamina needed to do Pilates. These exercises promise to make you sore but will also help shed off those hard to lose pounds you’ve been struggling with for so long.yoga pose

Roll Like a Ball With a Jump

This doesn’t seem like your typical Pilates move, but adding some cardio into your Pilates can help increase your heart rate and metabolism, which will help you burn calories. You start out by sitting on your yoga mat with your knees bent and apart, holding on to your ankles so your body is in a ball shape. You then rock back to the top of your shoulders and rock back up to a seated position and lift your body up and jump. Do 20 reps.

PLANKElephant Push-Up

Planks are some of the best ways to engage your entire body. With this move, you start in a plank position with hands and shoulders and feet hip-distance apart. Then lift one leg up a few inches and hold it up. You Then do a push-up and it’s the perfect recipe to help tone your entire body. Switch sides and do 10 reps.