Smell This, It’s Good For Your Health

We all know that essential oils are a great resource for your health because you can apply them on your skin, hair, and nails and even some drops in teas and meals! But what you probably did not know is that the simple act of smelling the scent of essential oils can be beneficial for your health and in fact, these oils are used for physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. This is known as aromatherapy and like homeopathy, it is based on the use of natural resources to improve your health.essential oils

Every kind of oil can bring different benefits and can be applied to a variety of health problems. Here are some of the most common essential oils and herbs that you can find as oils:

Bergamot oil: helps to release stress and control your appetite. It can also help with anxiety and depression.

Cypress oil: It can help relieve menopausal symptoms since it has sedative properties. It can also help with allergies and itchy noses.

Geranium oil: similar to cypress oil, this essential oil is particularly recommended for women who suffer from PMS. It can also calm down the nervous system and help you feel relaxed.

Ginger oil: ginger is perfect for when you feel sick and nauseous. You can prepare a cup of infusion or simply eat it if you can handle the spiciness. Another option is just smelling the ginger essence, which is also good for your digestive system and your blood flow.