Will Losing Weight Help Your Foot Pain?

#3 Injuries
If you are overweight, you will be more prone to getting foot injuries like fractures and sprains mainly because your feet will need to carry more weight than they can handle. It is also vital to remember that when you run, your feet will be landing with a force that is more than three times your weight. This extra weight can be traumatic to your feet and joints which result in injuries and pain. Some studies also suggest that overweight or obese individuals are more likely to get ankle fractures as a result of slips and falls.

person running, injury
What to Do?
Shedding weight when you have painful feet can be quite challenging because running or walking for long distances makes the problem worse. However, you can still do it as you only need to start with a moderate training regime and make it more intense as your feet become less painful. Also, swimming and water aerobics can be good options for losing weight since they will not affect your feet.

Bottom Line
Losing weight will help to ease foot pain since it takes some of the pressure off the feet while also decreasing the likelihood of developing diabetes and other conditions that can make your feet painful. But, in most instances, it will be necessary to combine it with wearing the right walking shoes and doing some stretch exercises to improve blood circulation. Also, you should never ignore the foot pain if it becomes too much because in some cases medical intervention is necessary.

Author Bio: Patrick Greer is the Founder of Fix Your Walk, a website that helps people suffering from foot pain.