5 Minerals That Aid Your Workout (Before & After)

Most people focus on the weight they are trying to lose when working out, but even working out can make you weak if you don’t fuel your body with the right foods. Did you know that you lose zinc and magnesium as you sweat? There are five minerals that can help keep you strong while you work out.Young man flexing his biceps


If you’re someone that wants to bulk up and really puts in the hours at the gym, then more than likely you’re losing magnesium, a key mineral needed to help your muscles use oxygen and glucose efficiently. The harder you work out the easier you sweat it out. You need about 320 milligrams a day. So stock up on leafy greens like spinach, nuts and seeds, and brown rice. Drinking too much coffee limits your magnesium levels, so stick to only morning coffee.


People that lift weights often eat a high-protein diet that includes steak because steak is packed with iron. When you are anemic and have low iron, you might feel tired and lethargic, so you’re encouraged to eat a high-protein diet. When you exercise iron helps your muscles take oxygen from your bloodstream. Yet, eating too much meat is not good for your cholesterol, and it can even cause your joints to hurt and make you feel sleepy all the time.

Instead of eating too much steak, which by the way, you just need about 3 ounces; eat iron-rich foods like fortified cereal with no more than 9 milligrams per serving, or shellfish. There are also iron-packed legumes and leafy greens, such as broccoli and bell peppers that can help your body absorb the mineral.