Beauty Trend?! Anal Bleaching

mockup_box_pinkOne of the most closely guarded beauty secrets of celebrities and royalty is out. It is called “Anal Bleaching” and it is not an urban myth. Rather, it is the hottest trend in beauty.
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Millions of men and women suffer from dark discolorations of the intimate areas due to ageing and hormonal changes. Following the growing popularity of bikini waxing, laser and other hair removal methods, the demand for “lightening” of the anal, vaginal and underarm areas grew dramatically as people searched for a way to diminish the appearance of dark discoloration in those intimate areas, especially as they become more exposed.

In 2006, to meet the demand for a safe, convenient, all-natural, high-quality product that people could use at home, South Beach Skin Solutions has introduced its South Beach Skin Brightening Gel for Sensitive Areas. Now, as a follow up to the success of that product, they have created a true professional style kit that is not only quick, safe and easy.