We Know That The Sun Energizes, But Can It Heal?

For years we’ve been told to drench ourselves is SPF and while this is absolutely the best way to prevent skin cancer, there are many health benefits to getting a little bit of sun. Heliotherapy or the therapeutic use of sunlight has been used for many years, especially those that practice yoga who often start their workout by saluting the sun, which is a source that they use to energize their bodies.

sun therapyNow that spring is right around the corner we will start seeing longer hours of sunshine. When is the best time to get some sun? Surprisingly, around noon (and only 10 minutes) gives you the maximum yield of vitamin D with a minimal risk of getting melanoma. In addition to taking advantage of the free source of vitamin D, there are other health benefits to getting a little sun:

Increases Oxygen in the Blood
Lowers blood pressure
Boosts your immune system
Increases the growth and height of children
Lightens your mood, makes you happy
Lowers cholesterol
Fights skin and fungal infections of the skin
Kills bacteria
Muscular stimulation and relaxation