Gummies For Hair, Skin, and Nails|Are They Worth It?

It’s not enough to simply eat healthy because when we diet we might not eat enough of the good stuff. Those that have a vitamin deficiency can tell by the way their skin, hair and nails react. They may have hair loss, brittle nails, and acne, but the good thing is that now there’s a supplement for everything, including your skin and hair. Khloé Kardashian swears by SugarBearHair vitamins, which are little blue gummy bears that promote healthy skin and healthy long and strong hair, but are they worth the money?khloe kardashian gummies

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The vitamins can be quite pricey at almost $100 for a 3 month supply of vitamins, but those that have tried them believe that they are worth the hefty price. What’s in the gummies? The gummies are loaded with vitamins that are great for your hair and skin, such as:

Vitamin A: This is the ingredient that you see in face creams, which is a form of retinol.