Night-time Beauty Habits

Good skin starts early. As a child I remember my mom using Vaseline on her face every day at night. Many Latina moms use this regimen at night and decades later the Vaseline routine has given them soft skin and minimal wrinkles. Personally I don’t like the texture of Vaseline, but I always knew that moisturizing was key to great skin. Now that I am an adult, I tend to be more conscious about what I eat, what I do, especially when it comes to my skincare. Plus, the things you do at night can really have an impact on your skin.

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Eating Habits

Many people wake up washing their face, they use a sensitive skin face wash and realize that it’s not working. What’s wrong? Most of these morning face washes are designed with anti-bacterial ingredients that kill bacteria. Often it’s not the bacteria that is causing your acne, but poor eating habits, such as fried foods, processed foods and not eating enough vegetables and drinking water. It’s important to not eat too late at night either because this gives your digestive system a chance to rest, letting our whole body use the available energy for regeneration, damage repair, and cleanup in all its nooks and crannies.

woman eating at nightExercise

When you exercise you release endorphins and you sweat, you increase blood flow and in turn this helps nourish your skin cells, which help keep them vital, which carries away waste products and removes toxins. Some people feel that breaking out in a sweat is the equivalent of getting a mini-facial. Pores dilate, sweat kicks out trapped dirt and oil. It also revs up your skin’s collage production, which prevent wrinkles. Make sure you get some exercise a couple of hours before going to sleep, otherwise you’ll be too energized. Working out at the right time helps making falling asleep easier too.
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