Nine Need-To-Know Tips To Reveal Radiant Skin

Face MaskAfter winter, many complain about dry, flaky skin and blotchiness.

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Particularly with prom and bridal season upon us, spring is the ideal time to rejuvenate that winter complexion and face the world with radiant skin.  While a new face cream may help, Massage Envy Spa experts recommend professional facial treatments for a healthy, rosy glow.

“Facials are ideal for treating skin that has been battered by winter winds and dry, indoor heat,” states Doreen Ellinwood, Massage Therapist and Vice President of Regional Operations for Massage Envy Spas in Northern Kentucky. “The combination of specialized products and professional massage techniques can significantly boost your radiance.”

“It’s important to realize that facials are not ‘one size fits all,'” Ellinwood adds. “We customize our facials to address the specific needs of different skin types.”

To determine which type of facial is best for your skin, Ellinwood recommends the following:

Schedule an appointment for a facial with a professional, licensed esthetician
Discuss your skincare concerns before your treatment
Ask the esthetician for a skin analysis
Schedule regular facials for cumulative benefits

To ensure healthy skin between appointments, Ellinwood offers these tips:

Stay hydrated
Keep your hands away from your face
Avoid over-scrubbing, over-cleaning or over-treating skin
Always wash your face before bedtime
Replace heavy foundations and moisturizers with lighter formulas containing a higher SPF

Between seeking professional assistance and adopting some new skincare tips, the ravages of winter on facial skin can be effectively remedied.