Workout & Eat Like A Ballerina!

One of the hottest workouts is the barre workout, which uses classic ballet positions. The best part of these workouts is that you really don’t need much equipment, and you’ll target multiple muscle groups at once, getting your strength training with a touch of grace and you get to pretend you’re a ballerina as an added bonus. In addition to an awesome workout, we’ve peeked into how real-life ballerinas keep from looking bloated. After all they have to look slim and bloat-free on days they perform because who wants to look bloated in a tutu.ballerina,barre workout

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Isabella Boylston, Principal Ballerina, American Ballet Theatre

She kicks of her day with a hearty breakfast, with eggs and toast, since it’s a great dose of energy and protein, which helps her concentrate throughout the day. She enjoys eating pasta and eats spaghetti carbonara before shows, usually 4 hours before curtain call. In between meals she likes snacking on bananas to refuel on calories and potassium she sweats out during the first half of her performance. And of course she drinks plenty of water because it helps with digestion, energy and hydration.

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