Workout & Beauty Tips From Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Victoria Secret Supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio is known for rocking a string bikini on the Victoria Secret’s fashion show. She has two children and while many of us dream of having her 5 foot 9-figure (which might be a little impossible), what we can definitely do is workout like a supermodel and even borrow some of her beauty tips.alessandra ambrosio

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Looking this great obviously takes hard work, like eating right, but Ambrosio enjoys going the natural route. One of the benefits of being Brazilian is that they have so many natural products that they use not only for their health, but also for their beauty regimen. She loves coconut oil, “ I drink a lot of coconut water, which is super hydrating, and we use coconut oil on the skin, and avocado. I remember my mum putting avocado on our skin when we were kids, and putting coconut oil in our hair when we went to the beach. I grew up with it. “