Your Next Bite: Are You Missing This One Essential Vitamin?

What if the next bite you ate determined your outlook for the next three to six hours or six years? What if every time you ate you could eat in such a way that made you a more amazing person?  Well, you can. The food you eat could remove biological and emotional barriers that are preventing the “real” you from showing up.

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I know that seems ludicrous and extreme, but how you respond and interact with the world is directly related to many factors, including your diet. Think about it. In the areas where crime is the highest or areas where children are generally performing below average in school, what do you find? You guessed it: poor food options. Research has shown that the quality of food you eat directly affects your outcomes in attitude, focus, emotions, weight, attention, your immune system, and energy, to name a few.LEAFY VEGETABLES

One of the interesting facts about fast food choices is that they often lack the essential vitamin folate. In fact, not only fast foods but most foods that have been thoroughly cooked. Folate is a necessary B vitamin used to help manage your mental and biochemical function.

It’s commonly found in leafy green vegetables, among other healthy plant-based choices. According to the Global Healing Center, ”Folate has a positive action on cardiovascular, neural and psycho-emotional health.” That being said, if there’s a lack of it in our diets, then no wonder we see more violence and poorer educational performance.

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