5 Best Tips For Straightening Your Hair

A woman straightens her hair while looking at the camera

Limp. No volume. Bleh. Is that the best way to describe your hair after you’ve straightened it? Sometimes, it’s the truth unless you want it that way, then who are we to tell you that it’s wrong?

But here, we’re going to give you five easy tips about straightening your hair and taming the beast. This might be the answer to your nightmares.

It’s about the Hair Drying

1. Use a silicone-based styling cream or hair serum through damp hair. By adding to your roots, you will bring your hair down, leaving it limp, so start about an inch away from your roots. Blow dry your hair until it’s about 75 percent dry. If you have coarse or kinky hair, blow dry until you’re at 50 percent. Use your hands and as you blow dry, hold it down for a semi-straight look when you’re done.

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2. Pin up, clip, or tie the top half of your hair up. Usa lo que tengas por allí. Part it horizontally from ear to ear and divide the bottom layer into four sections. Using a two-inch round brush, dry each of the parts separately, pulling the hair down with the brush and following it with the hair nozzle, drying downward.

3. Now, here’s the hard part… to explain that is. Repart your hair into sections just above your temples on each side of your head and secure it. Divide the rest of your hair into four sections and dry each one. Twirl the ends of your hair around the brush and hold the dryer there for a few seconds. No te lo dejes, que se te quema el cabello.

4. Let down all your hair and separate the remaining pieces into two sections, one in front of the other. These sections should be at the top of your head. With the round brush, pull each section up and back and following it with the hair dryer. This will give you a little volume around your face.

Finally, The Straightening

5. You don’t need a huge flat iron to do your hair, you know. When finally straightening your hair, divide it the same way you did in the previous four steps. Run a one-inch flat iron through each section for an extra smooth feel. One slow pass through should be enough, since too many may make your hair look dry. For a silky result, run a comb through each section before putting the flat iron on it.