Protect Your Hair This Summer

Three young woman stand posing with different hair lengths Mientras estas de vacaciones, your hair may still be working it’s way to staying healthy, moisturized and strong. Because of the sweltering heat, the sun, the salt water damage can ruin the summer fun your hair can have. Keep in mind though, that you can rejuvenate your hair and replenish it by protecting it and making sure it stays cool and healthy.


You know these all too well, especially the feeling of your mom or abuela almost ripping chunks of hair out of your head. ¡Ay! ¡Las memorias! Well, now you get to do them yourself and save yourself some pain. Shampoo and condition your hair, but use leave in conditioner after the shower. The braids will keep your hair moist while the conditioner protects it from the sun while keeping it shiny. At night, let them loose for a sexy wave.


Scarves can be used in multiple ways in your hair. They’re very versatile and protect your hair by covering it. Stay clear of solid colors since they may be darker and attract the sun and heat. Aim for light colored scarves or bandannas that can serve as bands or turbans.


If you’re going to be out in the sun or out in the pool, it’s important to go beyond protective styling to replenish the hair with restorative treatments. If you’re lounging, that is the perfect time for a restorative treatment or intensive conditioning treatment. Ingredients like oils and vitamins treat damaged, dry hair. Look for shea butter, olive oil and honey for deep treatments to reconstruct damaged hair. After you shampoo, apply conditioning treatment and secure your hair in a bun. Instead of using a hairdryer, sit outside and let it work.

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