Wounded U.S. Soldiers Expected to Receive Penis Transplants

This year has been the year of amazing transplants from a face transplant and now U.S. doctors are expected to perform a rare penis transplant surgery in the next couple of months. The first U.S. penis transplant will be performed on a young soldier that sustained a genital injury while serving in Afghanistan.

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The surgery will take place at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. The decision to perform this type of transplant came from the need of this type of transplant. There over 1367 U.S. military service members that have sustained genital wounds while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2001 to 2013.Army soldier, Afghanistasn, soldier pointing gun

The transplant is extremely rare and has been done only 2 times, one surgery was successfully done in South Africa and other was not. The 12-hour surgery consists of developing urinary function, sensation and eventually the ability to have sex by attaching the organ, which will come from a deceased person.