Don’t Wait Until the New Year—Start Living a Healthier You Today!

During the month of December there are many distractions that can make you cheat on your diet. There are work parties, Christmas parties, religious celebrations such as posadas, New Year’s celebrations, and much more. So many delicious temptations, which make us think about indulging and binging on our favorite foods and start the diet in January. This is a common mentality, but why start a diet in January when you can begin working towards a healthier you today.

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Most people are encouraged to start living a healthier life when they are faced with health problems or don’t like the way their clothes fit. The fact is that there are various diseases that are caused by obesity and changing your lifestyle can create a positive effect on your health. Why wait until you have diabetes, when you can prevent it now.

woman by the lake, woman with arms extended, middle-aged womanOne of the biggest mistakes people do is diet. A fitness coach once told me that the problem with diets is that they have a beginning and an end. Even though diets do work and you can lose weight fast, you’re most than likely to rebound and gain the weight back after you’re done. Why? Because you go back to your old ways.