Nuestros Cuentos: The Impact And Lifestyle Of Food

Las Cafeteras on a trolley. Photo by Piero F. Giunti.Founded at the EastSide Cafe in Los Angeles, Las Cafeteras, a unisex group of musicians, came together in 2009. Creating music described as folk-fusion, the band recently released their first studio album, “It’s Time,” inclusive of traditional Mexican sounds, Hip-Hop, Afro-beats and spoken word.

Absorbing from the world around them, the good and bad, Las Cafeteras use their music as a celebration and collaboration of all they experience always keeping a positive message.

“Our music reflects uplift and encouragement to keep your head up and to overcome obstacles. It comes from how we live and [we] are cultivating a new world, one tiny seed at a time,” said Daniel French. “These lifestyles traits of community work, spirituality and love for self and community inform and infuse the music you hear on ‘It’s Time.'”

Being a socially conscious group, Las Cafeteras take every inch of their surroundings and make it part of their art. Their food choices are included in the decisions that they make. While not all of the band members follow one specific food path, each of them make sure to be healthy and make appropriate choices for their diet.

“Caring for our bodies and our minds has taught us patience, humility, and appreciation for ourselves, each other and the gifts of nature,” said Denise Carlos.