Boxing Helped Miguel Cotto Overcome Obesity

Miguel Cotto will confront Canelo Alvarez this weekend in a boxing match at Las Vegas. The professional boxer is the only Puerto Rican to win world titles in four different weight classes. He is now as strong and fit as ever, but as a young kid, he was obese and now he’s helping others fight obesity.

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“I suffered from an obesity problem when I was 11 years old,” explains Cotto to People en Español. This is what made him get into boxing and what helps him motivate others to slim down.

Miguel_CottoCotto created the El Ángel Foundation in 2007, which helps educate people about the obesity problem happening in Puerto Rico. “We want to send a message to the parents, to feed their children the best way possible, and to the kids to learn how to eat better and create a healthier way of living,” explained the boxer.