Getting Pregnant After You Get Off the Pill

Congratulations you and your partner have finally decided to get pregnant.  So, like most would assume, you just get off the pill and voila, you get pregnant! WRONG!  Getting pregnant after taking the pill can be a long process for some couples.

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For 9.6 million women who use oral contraceptives, just getting off the pill in order to get pregnant may not be so simple.  Getting off the pill requires planning and should be done gradually to minimize side effects.  The ideal way to get off the pill is to finish your current pack completely instead of stopping in the middle.  Not finishing it completely can throw your menstrual cycle and cause irregular bleeding or spotting.
What does the pill do and what happens when you stop taking it?
Birth control pills contain two synthetic female sex hormones, estrogen and progestin.  The combination of these hormones prevent ovulation, and make a woman’s cervical mucus thicker, preventing sperm from entering the cervix and fertilizing and egg.

Once you stop taking the pill, the synthetic hormones introduced by the pill will be out of your system within a few days and ovulation will resume for a majority of women. Women who begin ovulating shortly after stopping the pill may also be able to conceive right away.

Some common symptoms and side effects associated with menstruation may resume right after stopping oral contraceptives such as:

breast tenderness
menstrual cramps
heavy periods
improved sexual desire