You Are Probably Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

Most women can spend a lifetime trying to find the perfect bra. During breast cancer awareness month it’s important to talk about our breasts and remember to get a mammogram to rule out any cancer scare. When it comes to our bras, finding one with the best support is a priority, but not wearing the right size has various negative effects.

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First thing’s first, make sure you are wearing the correct size bra. It is estimated that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Since our breasts can go through various changes, it’s important to get properly sized every 6 months, if not at least once a year. Most women think that finding the proper fit is just about the cup size, but the band is just as important because it provides support. Wearing the wrong size bra can have damaging effects, such as:


This normally happens to women with large breasts, when they wear a bra that doesn’t fit right it prevents them from getting the support they need. If a bra is too tight, this can cause too much pressure on the rib cage. The straps can also put a lot of pressure on the shoulders, leaving marks and causing pain.

Sagging breasts

Wearing a loose bra can first of all prevent you from getting the look you want. The goal of wearing a bra is for it to lift and keep your breasts from drooping. When you wear a bra that is too small it can squish them and cause them to sag. Over time, a well-fit bra can help maintain your breasts stay perky.

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