Are You Dehydrated?

When it comes to drinking water, many people have a difficult time because it doesn’t have any taste to it. This is a problem because you become dehydrated. According to a recent study from Harvard, researchers found that nearly half of the kids they studied were not drinking enough water. Adults aren’t doing a better job either at keeping hydrated, which is why we should listen to our bodies and drink up when our bodies are sending signs of dehydration.

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ThinkstockPhotos-465249407Signs of Dehydration

Urine: Deep yellow or amber color urine is the first sign of being dehydrated. Or you could not be urinating or urinating very little, which is another sign of not having enough liquid inside you since your kidneys are not getting enough liquid to flush any waste out.
Headaches: Many people suffer from migraines and headaches, but a big reason for your headache could be dehydration. The low water levels could decrease the amount of fluid that surround the brain and the skull, which give it less padding and protection against bumps and movement.
Bad Breath: Stinky breath is another sign of being dehydrated because when you don’t drink enough, you cut your saliva production. Less saliva means more bacteria for your mouth, which is what makes your breath smell bad.