Do Obese and Skinny People Have the Same Risk for Diabetes?

Being naturally skinny is a godsend for many people. These are people that have a fast metabolism, can eat whatever they want and never have to watch what they eat or even exercise. They are naturally skinny, but doctors say that people are focusing too much on weight, and people who are “skinny fat” are being overlooked.

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Most of the focus is on being overweight and obese and if those that are overweight automatically fall into the high-risk category for diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. But, those that are skinny fat, can equally be at high risk without even knowing. These are people that are skinny, but that don’t take care of themselves. They don’t eat healthy, never eat vegetables, love red meat, and don’t exercise.

ThinkstockPhotos-492800947In the U.S. we measure healthy with a BMI (Body Mass Index) which says that if you are a certain age and height, you should weight a certain amount. High levels of body fat put you at risk for cardiovascular disease and even death. What many don’t realize is that there can be health complications to being thin.

Being skinny is something that Americans obsess about and they associate skinny people with being healthy. The reality is that one in four skinny people are pre-diabetic and they have a higher mortality rate than obese diabetics. Unfortunately people that are skinny fat carry their fat around their organs, which can cause high cholesterol and poor blood circulation.