Avoid Common Texting Mistakes

Woman with long black hair in a maroon blouse texting

The Pew Research Center recently released data about Latinos closing the digital divide. Over time, there has been a solid increase of Latinos online, using smartphones and laptops.

The study found that 86 percent of Latinos own a cell phone, though only 49 percent own a smartphone. Nonetheless, cellphones all come with one common feature that people are using more than voice calls these days: Texting.

On the bus, in the supermarket, in the waiting room, while shopping, you will see people texting. It’s as common as having lunch, talking on the phone and watching television for plenty of individuals. However, because most of our communication is done through a screen, whether it’s a smartphone or a computer, how do you know what you’re saying via text is being acknowledged the way you meant it?

Well, the answer is, you don’t unless the recipient tells you how they interpret it.

In this case, dating individuals should be the most careful, especially since a lot of pre-dating getting-to-know-each-other happens via text messaging. Even the conversations continue between dates via texts. The three most common mistakes happen on a daily basis and happen to everyone who has ever owned a cellphone, so don’t feel ashamed if you’ve done the following:

1. Don’t allow them to be vague. Especially if you’re dating or romantically interested, don’t allow for your partner to be vague with you. It’s your night out and your life. The last thing you need is for anyone to be wasting your time. Be specific and to the point. Texting shouldn’t replace a phone conversation. Nothing can replace verbal communication.

2. Don’t answer or text after 10 p.m. If the man or woman you are seeing decides to text you after hours, nothing good can come of it. Don’t answer. Gentleman and ladies should contact you at appropriate hours to make plans and have a meaningful conversation. The point of the relationship building is to get to know someone better.

3. Don’t overly flirt. You don’t know how they’re going to take it. Make your romantic interest work for your affection, especially if you’re a woman. Giving in to whatever the other person wants too quickly may take away from the interest in the chase, the fun part where one is still attempting to “claim” their mate. Make sure the person is worth your time an effort, but don’t give them anything too quickly. It might reduce their interest in you.