Top 5 Industries With Romantic Results

Two people in suits kiss on a plane in their seatsThey always say that you shouldn’t fraternize in the workplace, right? But how many of us actually listen to that type of heated advice? We’ve all seen “Mad Men.” Has anything really changed?

For 39 percent of Americans, it hasn’t, according to a survey done by Career Builder. In the annual romance survey of over 4,000 workers nationwide, 17 percent reported dating co-workers at least twice. And how about it? Approximately 30 percent of those who did date co-workers said that it lead them to the altar. Ooo-la-la!

However, what’s even more chisme-worthy in the office, is dating the person who hired you! This has girls talking in the bathroom. Approximately 29 percent of workers surveyed said that they’ve dated someone above them in the hierarchy and 16 percent of them admitted to dating their boss; 38 percent of them were women compared to 21 percent of men.

According to the survey, workers make the connection outside of work at happy hours or events. Then when they make it official, most of the time, it isn’t hidden in the office. Although, 35 percent of workers stated that their office romance had to be kept a secret.

While many say that opposites attract, about 20 percent of people say that they are attracted to someone who is in the similar line of work. Remember, when you need someone to understand your work stress and dealings, who better to complain to than someone who’s in the same field? The conversations and level of understanding increase, especially in times when work is brought home or is too much to handle.

This might work against you, though, especially when someone doesn’t understand what you’re going through. Bringing work home may drive your partner out. Keep in mind that your love life may be in jeopardy depending on your job. About 26 percent of workers stated that dating someone depends on what they do for a living and six percent of workers admitted to ending a relationship due to their partner’s overboard commitment to their job, not making enough money or not liking their line of work.

In addition to surveying workers, there was also a list of the top 5 industries that had the most romantic results. What were they?

Leisure and Hospitality
Information Technology
Health Care
Professional and Business Services