Communication Entre Family Helps Health

Family has a conversation outdoors

Hola, amorcitos!

When I was growing up, mámi y pápi didn’t really talk to me. It’s not uncommon. If you are Latino or Latina, ya sabes. We weren’t explained a lot of different things that happened in life. When I was finally at the age of being a young woman, mi hermana me lo tenía que explicar. Yo pensé que me estaba muriendo when I got the female visit for the first time.

Cuando tenía que ver con sexo o tener hijos, también hablé con mi hermana, Rosita. There are things they don’t tell you because, either they don’t know or they don’t want to talk about it. Pero, ¿porqué no?

There is a disconnect when it comes to communications with our parents, ¿no que no? Hay cosas de que no quieren hablar porque no había nadie que les podía explicar. A lot of the times, since there isn’t someone to explain or due to a lack of understanding, the conversation doesn’t happen about various health issues in our community. This includes our health history, social health and general family health.