Santa Rosa Speaks Out For Diabetes Awareness

Gilberto Santa Rosa sitting on a window sill in a vest and tieGilberto Santa Rosa, known for his salsa hits like “Conteo Regresivo” and “Que Alguien Me Diga,” among others, announced this week that he will be the new Latino spokesperson for the “Todo Diabetico Cuenta” campaign, an initiative to bring awareness to the Latino community.

Diagnosed eight years ago, the 50-year-old singer is not letting Type 2 diabetes get the best of him and if anything, is encouraging other Latinos to do what he did and educate themselves, reported NBC Latino.

“Find out about your condition, and what medication you need,” he said. “Information helps you. Too many Latinos have the bad habit of self-medicating themselves, saying, ‘fulano me dijo que toma eso’ but you have to go to the doctor because every human body is different.”

Santa Rosa is right. Every body is different and with that, there are different causes to developing Type 2 diabetes, but the results are still the same.

Diabetes has recently been known for it’s Type 2 effects on people of color, which fall in line with minimal production of insulin or the cells’ resistance to insulin. Type 1 diabetes, when the pancreas does not produce insulin, is rare among Latinos and is usually diagnosed in young adults and children.