Add Some Color to Your Plate With the Rainbow Diet

When we think about eating right, we think about eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. We’ve always been told that eating greens is a good way to stay healthy and get all the nutrients that we need, but what about the rest of the colors? Many people are following the rainbow diet, which is a great way to use vegetables that include all the colors in the rainbow. It’s a great way to get all the nutrition you need, as well as make your meals more vibrant and delicious at the same time.

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The truth is that even though you may eat salads every day, you need more than one nutrient, so this is why the rainbow diet is really great. When you eat a rainbow of color every day you are more likely to absorb various nutrients from foods that are green, red, purple, yellow, and even white. If your plate looks beautiful on the outside, just imagine the benefits of each color on the inside. Eating vegetables that include all of these colors have also been attributed to preventing cancer because they are filled with antioxidant properties, not to mention that they do wonders for your skin.