Obamacare One Year Later

A whole year has passed by since the Affordable Care Act went into the effect and the results are in. According to a recent study, the number of poor Americans that were previously uninsured declined in 2014, which is great news.

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The government recently released the National Health Interview survey, which show the numbers of people that are insured through Obamacare. Low-income Americans were the ones that benefited the most from the Affordable Care Act, mainly because prior to this they had no health insurance. The survey found that more African-Americans became insured through this, more than any other racial group.Hispanics under the age of 65 also benefited greatly with the rate of uninsured dropping by 17%.ThinkstockPhotos-508908597

Overall, by the government’s “poor standards” the federal poverty threshold was $23,850 for a family of four and $11,670 for a single person. Near poor is defined as those families living on incomes between 100 and 200% of poverty or $23,850 to $47,700 a year.