Scientists Develop Drug That Slows Down Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a disease that affects millions and even though there’s no cure, there are medications that help delay or prevent symptoms from becoming worse. Except now there’s groundbreaking evidence that scientists have created the first drug that appears to slow down Alzheimer’s disease. The drug is called Solanezumab and it blocks memory loss over the course of many years in patients that have a mild version of the disease.

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Even though there’s still no cure for this disease, this is the first time medicine has slowed down the rate at which the disease damages the brain. The American company, Eli Lilly developed the drug and it was tested in a large group of 1,3000 patients with both mild and moderate dementia. When the scientists closely analyzed the data from their research they found that the group of patients with mild dementia that were placed on that drug showed a 30% slower decline in memory and cognitive tests than those that took the placebo.