Three Things Important to Your Eyesight

Many people lose their eyesight to chronic illnesses like diabetes, yet type 2 diabetes is preventable in many cases. Your eyesight is something that allows you to see the world and as important as it is, we often take it for granted. Dr. Kimberly Reed is the founder and director of the Ocular Nutrition Clinic at Nova Southeastern University’s Eye Care Institute. Her specialty is not only treating ocular disease, but pharmacology, nutrition, but helping educate people about eye health.

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The fact is that the majority of our healthcare budget is spent on treating sick people, but there’s not enough focus on preventative measures and education. “If we were to put that into balance, then we might be able to prevent an enormous amount of disease, debilitation and vision loss, especially in our elderly population,” explains Dr. Reed. About 50% of our health comes from or daily habits and lifestyle choices that we make, including nutrition, she adds.