Juice Up to Alleviate Your Allergies

One of the most tedious things about getting a cold or the allergies is taking over the counter medicine. But what if you could make yourself some juice to beat the allergies and even a cold? According to Dr. Taz Bhatia, there are a couple of juices that you could make with simple ingredients you find at the grocery store and you can even skip the medicine aisle.


Orange, Raw Honey, Ginger, Lemon Juice

You can drink this cold or froth and drink warm. This is a power-packed juice with a high dose of vitamin C from the citrus fruits. Vitamin C helps block histamines. Raw honey contains propolis, which boosts immune system function. Ginger gives it a nice kick of flavor and it is an anti-inflammatory food, which helps fight allergies by minimizing the inflammatory response.

Parsley, Cucumber, Green Apple, Mint Juice