Sneaky Ways Your Body is Telling You Something is Off

As we start aging we do harm to our bodies by not eating properly, not exercising, drinking too many alcoholic drinks, staying up late…and the list goes on. There are some things that we do that we think won’t have any long-term effects, but they do. Our bodies have sneaky ways of showing us that there’s something wrong, yet, we might not always pay close attention. As women, we spend more time and money on clothes and makeup, but instead of covering those gray hairs, you may want to visit your doctor.

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Gray Hair

Premature gray hairs can be linked to your thyroid gland and it can be reversible if the problem is corrected. There’s also research that link anemia to premature graying.

Yellow Eyes

This is called jaundice, which is caused by a buildup in the blood. It can also mean there’s a dysfunction in the liver, gallbladder, or pancreas.


Being tired all the time can be linked to anemia, thyroid problems, diabetes, depression, and even heart disease.

Cold Feet

If your feet are cold all the time, this could be linked to a vascular disease. Cold feet and hands can also be linked to Raynaud’s syndrome, where the blood supply drains from the fingers and toes.

Dry Lips

You’ve tried many lipsticks and lip balms and nothing seems to work. Cracks at the corners of your mouth could be a shortage of vitamin B or zinc.

Red Palms

This can be a sign of early liver disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Also in pregnant women it can be the result of changes in the skin due to hormonal effects.

Goose Bumps

If you have permanent goose bumps it might not be from being cold, but from an overgrowth of keratin.


Ugly Nails 

Your nails can tell a lot about your health. There are at least 7 different conditions ranging from melanoma, psoriasis, stains from smoking, and fungus.

These things may seem like they are just things associated with aging, but it’s important to visit your doctor regularly so he can help assess the problem and help get you get the doubts out of your head. Seeking treatment right away lessens the chance of something small to develop into something more serious.

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